Hello! I’m Lee

Audio Engineer

I can help get your music ready for its big release – whether that’s for streaming online, printing to CD or vinyl, or for sharing with music supervisors and other industry professionals.

Mixing Service

Once you’ve captured all of the various instruments and vocals for your song, I can help by combining, balancing, and processing your tracks to create the stereo mix.

Mastering Service

Once you have an approved stereo mix of your song, I can apply the final polish by mastering your track. This is the last step in the recording process to making your music radio ready.

Helping You Achieve Success in Music

Mix and Mastering Services

It’s easy to think that just being creative is enough. But if you truly want to turn your musical vision into an audible reality, ready to share with the world, then you’ll need your productions edited, mixed, and mastered by an experienced audio engineer. 






Fixing issues such as tuning and timing that could prevent your mix from being the best that it can.



Balancing and enhancing your production through the use of EQ, compression, reverbs, delays, and other techniques to achieve your vision for your song.



The final polish, taking your mix to the next level and preparing it for playback on the target services or systems.

What is an Audio Engineer?

An audio engineer can be the person placing microphones in front of the vocalist’s mouth or twiddling knobs behind a mixing desk. Audio engineering is a broad field covering the vast technical aspects of recording, editing, mixing, and mastering. In a mixing or mastering context, we’ll probably refer to them as the mixer, or mix/mastering engineer, and they are responsible for implementing the musical vision of the artist and/or producer’s vision for the song.

Who needs an mix engineer?

A mix engineer will take your individual audio files (e.g. vocals, guitar, bass, drums, synth, saxophone, etc.) and mix them together to create a balanced stereo mix of your song. Anyone who has recorded multiple instrumental or vocal audio tracks  for a song will need their tracks mixed.

Who needs a mastering engineer?

A mastering engineer will take your final stereo mix and create a master recording. This typically involves achieving the target loudness for the recording, and making sure that the recording will translate well on to other playback systems (on your car stereo, or on streaming media services for example). Mastering is often referred to as the ‘polish’. If you want your mix to be competitive when compared to other recordings and to sound its very best, you’ll need a mastering engineer.

Should I tune the vocals? Isn't that cheating?

Only you can answer that question! But if your vocals aren’t 99% on point, the results you’ll be able to achieve in mixing and mastering will be seriously hindered. In practice, it is the vocal performance that is most important and even the best vocalists are off pitch here and there. Tuning can help to touch up those amazing vocals and push them over the edge for the best results.

How much will it cost?

This will be entirely dependent on the scope of the project. For editing, this type of work is normally charged on an hourly basis, so it depends how much editing is needed in preparation for mixing. For mixing, assuming the recordings are of a high standard and without any major issues, it generally depends on the vision, genre, and number of tracks provided, but this step will likely be in the range of $400 – $1000. For mastering, I typically charge $100 per track. These are just guidelines. Please contact me to get a more accurate estimate for your project.

About Me

Hi. I’m Lee, a British born songwriter, musician, producer, and audio engineer currently based between Sweden and Dubai. As the son of a talented classical guitar teacher and nephew of a wild rock drummer, my passion and journey in music began early.

My teenage years were spent writing songs, and performing in local bands. By the age of 18 I was fortunate enough to produce my first full album in a professional recording studio in the UK.

Over the past 30+ years, I have continued to develop my musical knowledge, skills, and experience. I have collaborated with many talented artists to write and produce music for album releases as well as for artists seeking film, television, and advertising placements. I’ve also continued my professional studies with the online branch of the Berklee College of Music in subjects such profession music and vocal production, songwriting, arranging,  and guitar performance.

Today, I enjoy working with artists from all genres and musical backgrounds and look forward to having the chance to work with you on your next project!

Make music, not war.

– Lee


My Studio

Music Genres

I love and thrive producing in a number of music styles and genres, including rock, blues, pop, funk, jazz, soul and Latin music. I’m always open to new musical styles and love to work with new artists to help them develop their own unique sound.

Production Projects

In recent years, I’ve worked on projects with a number of different goals in mind.  From artist releases on streaming platforms such as Spotify (Spicy Folk),  as well as projects aimed at sync licensing for television, film, and advertising (Sam B, Nova Mariéé), as well as my own music releases. For a full rundown of recent projects, checkout my work at library.screamaudio.com.

My Studio

I own and run a cosy project studio in Sweden. The studio is acoustically treated and uses professional grade recording equipment, including Neve and SSL pre-amps, Neumann mics, ADAM Audio and Avantone monitoring, Marshall, Orange, and Ampeg guitar and bass amps, as well as a full suite of professional plugins (UAD, Waves, Eventide, etc.) and outboard processing.

Take Your Productions

To The Next Level.

If you’re a songwriter, artist, or a band looking to mix and master your next song, EP, or album, then I can help you. With more than 30 years of experience writing, recording, and producing music and vocal projects with independent, international artists, I can offer a professional and costs effective service to help move your music project to the next level. Book your free consultation today and let’s talk music!

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